Jigsaw has two settings: Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton) Church Lane Sproughton Ipswich IP8 3BB 01473 745716 email: info@jigsawsproughton.org.uk Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton) at Needham Market The Drift School Street Needham Market IP6 8BB 01449 722717 email: info@jigsawsproughton.org.uk
Jigsaw has two settings:  Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton)          Church Lane Sproughton Ipswich IP8 3BB 01473 745716email: info@jigsawsproughton.org.uk Jigsaw Pre School  (Sproughton) at Needham MarketThe DriftSchool StreetNeedham Market IP6 8BB 01449 722717email: info@jigsawsproughton.org.uk

         Welcome to Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton).                          Church Lane Sproughton Ipswich IP8 3BB                                      Tel  01473 745716                                                  Email: info@jigsawsproughton.org.uk        

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When it comes to your children, nothing less than the highest standards will do. Jigsaw Pre School provides a safe environment for your child to explore his or her full potential. If you’re looking for child care that meets these stringent demands, look no further than Jigsaw at either our Sproughton or Needham Market setting.

Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton)

We offer quality care fun and education for chidren from the age of 2 years to school age, from 8am-3.30pm daily term time.

2 year old  golden         tickets.

Both Jigsaw (Sproughton)  and Jigsaw (Sproughton) at Needham Market accept golden tickets for 2 year government funding.  Please contact the setting for details of space availability.

Our Staff Teams

At Jigsaw our staff  promote personal development of your children to prepare them as best we can for the challenges that lie ahead in life.

The focus is on your child

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Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton) at Needham Market,

offers quality fun care and education for children from 2 years to school age, please click on the opening times to see up to date opening days and times.  We are open term time.

    30hrs extended           funding

Jigsaw Sproughton offers the  30 hr extended funding for eligible children.  Jigsaw (Sproughton) at Needham Market  also offers extended funding for eligible children 

   3 and 4 year old  government funding

Both Jigsaw (Sproughton) and Jigsaw (Sproughton) at Needham Market accepts 3 and 4 year old 15 hours per week government funding.  
Please contact the setting for details of space availability.

Our approach



Our Aim is :
• To provide quality pre-school care and education for all children under the statutory school age
• To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment
• To work within the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework, covering the “Prime Areas” which are communication and language, physical development and personal social and emotional development, and “Specific Areas” which are literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.  All of these areas will be delivered through planned, purposeful play, with a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities.



About us
Management and Administration

 Decision Making
Jigsaw Pre-School is run by a Committee of volunteers who are responsible for 'behind the scenes" management.  Committee meetings are held periodically to discuss various aspects of running Jigsaw and an AGM is held once a year.  Although a basic agenda is followed, the atmosphere is relaxed and informal.
If you are interested in joining the Committee and having a say in how Jigsaw is run, please feel free to come along.  Any offers of help are always most welcome. If you have a particular talent, skill or idea you can offer to  Jigsaw, please share it with us.  Jigsaw is a self-help organisation and we rely upon all parent / helpers to ensure its continued success.


Your child will benefit from our staff's experience dedication and  training.




Our team at Jigsaw Pre School Sproughton


Jigsaw staff team consists of:



MANAGER:                           Rosemary Laflin    BA in Early Learning   level 6 &


DEPUTY MANAGER:           Sharon Parker level 5  in  childcare/playwork



PRACTITIONER:                Victoria Squirrell  level 3 in childcare

PRACTITIONER:                Lena Gostling level  2

PRACTITIONER:                Emily Clarke  level 6       



Our team at Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton) at Needham Market

MANAGER:                        Laura Phillips Early Childhood Studies level 6

DEPUTY MANAGER:      Emily Clarke L6


PRACTITIONER:               Charlotte Curbison L3

PRACTITIONER:               Lauren Dell L3

PRACTITIONER:               Amy Banthorpe L3




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