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Tel:01473 745716    Email: admin@jigsawsproughton.org.uk

opening hours at present at Sproughton.

Mon:     9am - 3.00pm

Tues:    9am - 3.00pm

Wed:     9am - 3.00pm

Thurs:   9am - 3.00pm

Fri:        9.am 3.00pm                 Term time  


Opening hours at present at Needham Market

Tel 01449 722717 Email:


mon   9.05am - 3.05pm      Tues   9.05 am -3.05pm

Wed    9.05am - 3.05pm

Thurs  9.05am - 3.05pm

Fri       9.05am -.3.05pm

         Term time 












please also use our contact form.


Church Lane

Ipswich IP8 3BB



The Drfit

School Street

Needham Market






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Jigsaw has two settings: Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton) Church Lane Sproughton Ipswich IP8 3BB 01473 745716 email: admin@jigsawsproughton.org.uk Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton) at Needham Market The Drift School Street Needham Market IP6 8BB 01449 722717 email: admin@jigsawsproughton.org.uk
Jigsaw has two settings:  Jigsaw Pre School (Sproughton)          Church Lane Sproughton Ipswich IP8 3BB 01473 745716email: admin@jigsawsproughton.org.uk Jigsaw Pre School  (Sproughton) at Needham MarketThe DriftSchool StreetNeedham Market IP6 8BB 01449 722717email: admin@jigsawsproughton.org.uk

Prospectus and Term Dates..

Term Dates 2019/20


Autumn Term 2019

Wed 4th Sept - Wed 18th Dec

Half Term wk Mon 21st Oct


Spring Term 2020

Tues 7th  Jan   - Thurs 2nd April

Half Term Wk mon 17th Feb 


Summer Term 2020

Tues 21st  April - Fri 16th July 

Half Term wk  Mon 25th


PD Days

 Tues 3rd Sept

Mon 6th Jan

Mon 19th  July

Tues 20th July





Please note  children will not be attending Jigsaw on Pd days as these are for staff training and staff development.












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